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The story of Inuyama City became an anime.
(Caution: sound is heard.)

Origin of Tsugao Kannon play_circle_outline

Origin of Tsugao Kannon

Tsugao Kannon is a temple nestled in the mountains within the precincts of Jakkoin Temple. Long ago, a hunter named Masuhiko discovered a deer with a glowing ball of light on its head.

Otomi-iwa play_circle_outline


Jindayu, the village chief of Kurisu, had a beautiful only daughter whose name was Otomi. Every day was a happy one for Otomi, whose father and mother doted over her.

Tanukizuka play_circle_outline


On brightly moonlit autumn nights, the village of Kurisu would throng with tanukis drumming on their bellies and playing hide-and-seek.

Rokubuzuka play_circle_outline


During the Edo period, the highway connecting Inuyama with Kurusu went through the mountains. It was dark even during the day, and people would avoid travelling there.

Chuzo's socks play_circle_outline

Chuzo's socks

Around the end of the Edo period, there lived a peasant farmer named Nakazo in Kurusu. When he had time to spare from his farming work, he would make tabi socks.